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Modern Glass Doors & Their Many Uses

One of the most exciting recent trends in home improvement projects is the concept of blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces

This is apparent in new home construction as well as in residential remodeling projects across the country, where homeowners are specifying the creation of expanded living areas. Homeowners want to bring the outdoors into their homes, and one of the best solutions is by the use of multi-panel patio doors or glass folding doors.

A Revolution in Home Renovation

In years past, patio doors were relatively simple affairs. Typically, a single sliding glass panel was the only option for homeowners. These older patio doors were known for security issues as well as their reputation for air leaks and inefficiency. Today’s glass folding door systems and multi slide patio doors, on the other hand, are built to provide excellent security and thermal efficiency. Panda Doors and Windows, a leading provider of customized patio door solutions, manufactures a broad selection of sliding glass walls and door systems that meet or exceed established standards.

Exterior sliding and folding door systems come in many varieties. The most common are:

Multi-slide Glass Doors – these door systems have multiple sliding panels affixed to a wide track. When the doors are retracted, an unbroken opening allows sunlight and breezes to enter the home while providing great views of the exterior.

Lift and Slide Doors – this type of door system is hung from a top track. The individual panels fold up against the door frame in an accordion-like fashion, allowing for wide openings to the exterior of the home.

Glass Folding Doors – for homeowners who wish to completely blur the line between interior and exterior spaces, glass folding doors are the ideal solution. Sometimes referred to as “folding glass walls”, these feature very narrow tracks and the widest possible opening of patio door systems.

Expanding Living Spaces

Multi-slide patio door systems and glass folding doors are often used to eliminate the separation between a home’s interior and its outdoor living spaces. These door systems are typically installed to permit easy access to backyard patios, swimming pool areas, or elevated decks. Because the door systems fold out of the way, this has the effect of dramatically increasing entertainment areas of the home. In simple terms, multi-slide patio door systems and glass folding doors act like moveable “walls” – when the door systems are retracted, outdoor and indoor spaces become one.

Nearly Unlimited Options for Homeowners

Whether multi-panel patio doors or glass folding doors are installed, homeowners have a wide array of choices. These patio door systems can be had in a range of materials and configurations, with many custom options to choose from as well.

Multi slide door systems can be specified with wood or aluminum frames. Precision bearings allow for the door systems to retract with ease, and durable tracks keep the individual panels aligned perfectly. Panda Windows specifies thermally-efficient glazing in their door systems, giving homeowners the option of double- or even triple-glazing. Custom touches can include matching or contrasting finishes, etched or textured glass inserts, and specialty sizing to fit nearly every application. From simple patio doors to luxurious custom glass sliding door systems, homeowners have an incredible range of choices that perfectly reflect their desires and aesthetics.

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