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    June 20, 2020 · Fascinating People,Online,Andrew Binetter
    As an entrepreneur and business leader, Andrew Binetter has achieved numerous successes over the past 30 years. This fascinating individual has a diverse skill set, with knowledge collected from several different industries and business management roles in his long career. Andrew is continually...
    Dr. Karl Anthony Simon MPAS, PA-C has dedicated his career to helping others. As a physician assistant (PA), he has been instrumental in delivering quality healthcare for patients in the greater Houston, Texas metro area. Physician Assistant From initial diagnostics to treatments and...
    For over 25 years, Francisco De Armas Cubas, Esq. CPA and financial professional, has been involved in managing complex credit situations in atypical markets. Mr. De Armas is the Managing member and co-founder of both Caribbean Investment & Acquisitions Corporation and CIAC, LLC, a commercial...
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