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PeopleProfile: Karl Anthony Simon

A leadership spotlight on the Physician Assistant from the Houston, Texas area

Anthony Simon Houston to Gulf Coast Fishing Trip

Dr. Karl Anthony Simon MPAS, PA-C has dedicated his career to helping others. As a physician assistant (PA), he has been instrumental in delivering quality healthcare for patients in the greater Houston, Texas metro area.

Physician Assistant

From initial diagnostics to treatments and procedures, Anthony Simon has demonstrated a keen understanding of medicine as well as impeccable leadership skills.

When he is not supporting the health and wellness of patients, Anthony can be found engaging in a wide range of outdoor activities with his family, including sport fishing, hunting, and golf.

Anthony’s Educational Journey

Born in Houston, Texas, Anthony Simon excelled in academic and athletic programs throughout his youth. He played varsity baseball at Clements High School in Sugar Land and received an academic scholarship to attend San Jacinto College in Houston. Here, his dedication to education paid off, and he was named an Academic All-American in 2003. While at San Jacinto, he participated in the Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, Colorado.

At the end of 2003, Anthony Simon transferred to Houston Baptist University to complete his undergraduate degree. He graduated in 2006, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biochemistry and being recognized Magna Cum Laude within his graduating class.

In 2006, Mr. Simon was accepted to the Physician Assistant program at the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, one of the leading PA schools in the southeastern United States. Once again, his academic prowess was noted by school officials, especially in light of his Master’s Thesis project investigating lead poisoning rates in the children of Galveston. This project won top honors, and Anthony completed his coursework in the top 5% of his class.

Excellence in Medicine and in Leadership

In the medical profession, a range of skills and abilities are needed to deliver healthcare to those who need it most. Many people understand that medical professionals must possess a thorough grasp of human body processes, disease factors, and pharmaceutical treatments, but what many do not realize is that leadership is a vital quality for successful medical practitioners.

Karl Simon embodies leadership, particularly in the democratic style of leadership. A democratic leader gathers input from the team he or she has assembled, then uses that input to make decisions. In the medical field, such decisions may have profound ramifications and have strong influences on the health outcomes of patients.

Anthony Simon’s PA Work in Texas

Karl Anthony Simon’s leadership abilities propelled him to the top of his field in the Houston area. His first role after obtaining his PA-C license came in 2009 and was to provide care at an orthopedic clinic in Richmond, Texas. He handled patient intake and assessments, performed diagnostics, and developed care plans for new and existing patients.

2013 saw new opportunities emerge for Anthony. He was appointed as the Clinic Director for a prominent men’s health clinic in Sugar Land. Here, he was responsible for both medical care and administrative duties; he supervised a team of employees and supported the clinic’s business operations. These experiences helped solidify Anthony’s skills and prepared him for his next role.

Spearfishing in Texas

In 2015, Simon joined the Dallam Hartley Counties Hospital District as an emergency clinician for a rural critical access hospital. In the rural healthcare setting, PAs are a crucial part of the health delivery model and must perform a wide array of duties. Leadership is key to performing to expectations, and Anthony thrived in this role.

He assessed and treated emergency department patients, including evaluating diagnostic imaging and performing procedures like laceration repairs or injections. He was also responsible for arranging hospital transfers for high-acuity patients. While at the Dalhart, Texas rural hospital, Anthony also filled in as a staff provider for emergency departments in the Houston area.

COVID-19 for Jails

In May of 2020, Simon committed to a 6-week program as an EM for COVID-19 patients in a jail near Houston, Texas. He currently is helping patients and staying healthy. Follow Karl Anthony Simon on Twitter for updates on his front-line coronavirus treatment experience.

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Anthony Simon is a consummate medical professional, demonstrating time and again that his skill in helping others is backed by impressive leadership abilities. He must make difficult decisions on behalf of his patients, and by supporting them through intake, diagnosis, and treatment delivery, he has positively influenced thousands of lives.