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PeopleProfile: Geoff Thompson, CEO of Synergistic Life Services

Geoffrey Thompson is an endlessly fascinating individual. As a business leader and as an entrepreneur, Geoff has spent the past 20 years of his career identifying new opportunities, then leveraging his natural talents to capitalize on them. Geoff has been involved in numerous industries over his career, from telemedicine and health practice management to financial planning, wealth management, and medical cannabis business operations. He has helped transform the lives of thousands of people through his achievements. Today, Geoff lives and works in the greater Chicago metro area of Illinois, where he is involved in several lucrative business ventures.

Geoffrey Thompson

Accelera Innovations and the Synergistic Group

2008 saw the formation of Accelera Innovations, Inc., a healthcare company that focuses on the development of advanced Web-based software solutions for use in telemedicine, helping to connect patients with their healthcare providers. The company also provides a range of services, including practice management and administrative services, for clinics and practitioners across the country.

The Synergistic Group was Geoff’s next venture. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Group, which is behind Synergistic Life Services, a wealth advisory firm that offers a broad slate of financial services to its clients. Geoff’s background in investments and tax-advantaged wealth preservation was crucial in the company’s delivery of services to its clients. Through his leadership, he has brought together a team of highly-skilled and very specialized retirement and legacy planners, insurance professionals, wealth strategists, and more. Clients can prepare for a stable financial future with the help of Synergistic “financial architects” -- professionals who look at the big picture when it comes to financial planning. Mr. Thompson is known for his skill in asset management, and to that end he created two proprietary financial products to help clients manage their own investments over the long-term. Dubbed Horizon X and Horizon V, these tools allow users to protect their retirement assets, especially in tax-advantaged environments that encompass both wealth accumulation and withdrawal at retirement without tax penalties.

Synergistic Life Services provides a highly personalized level of service, tailoring retirement and financial planning strategies to the unique goals and dreams of each of its clients. The company has made a name for itself in protecting wealth for retirement and in creating financial security for future generations.

Medical Cannabis Ventures

Geoff thinks big when it comes to identifying new business ventures. He knew that the medical cannabis industry represented billions of dollars in annual sales, both in the U.S. and in Canada, and recognized the potential of this industry in creating wealth. He began to lay the groundwork to capitalize on this emerging industry, thanks to legislation that legalized cannabis in many U.S. states and across the Canadian provinces.

His first business venture in this field was Advantameds Solutions, a firm that creates strategic partnerships between cultivators, distributors, and retail operations. His next business operation was Doyen Elements International, Inc., a company that not only develops infrastructure for the commercial cannabis industry, but also provides expert financial guidance and investment strategies. Geoff’s background in the financial industry has once again proved especially valuable; one of Doyen’s most ambitious projects is the development of a sprawling commercial cultivation facility in Pueblo, Colorado. Similar facilities are expected to be built in Canada and in other regions of the United States in the near future. Fast growth of these businesses depend on stable financial footings, and Geoff’s experience in creating and maintaining wealth has been a boon to both operations.

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